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A karon farko wannan bikin baje kolin littattafai da fasahohin Hausawa zai zama sarari na warkarwa ga makaranta da marubuta; sarari ne da zai tsokano matsaloli ya magance su; sarari ne da zai kasance cunkushe da labarai da wakoki da raye-raye da kade-kaden Hausawa da za a gabatar ta hanyar Shoshiyal Midiya da kuma rubdugu a sararin subhana daga ranar 21 ga Oktoba zuwa 23 ga Okotoba 2021 a garin Kaduna, Nijeriya.


The central theme of the 1st edition of the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF) 2021 is ‘SPACES.’ This edition will explore the spaces in between; spaces of origin of people and language; spaces of being and becoming; spaces of our stories; the multiplicity of spaces of our humanity; how we embrace the layers of spaces within our identities in literature and creativity. In the spaces of HIBAF, we will explore the origins of Hausa literary spaces; converse and discuss notions of gender, identity, culture and politics. Spaces are governed by cultural stereotypes, conventions, customs, clothing and literature. The aim of HIBAF is to associate the fictional space with the practical space using language as a code to model space, define it and arrange it, to create safe spaces that allow for creative risk, a space for the delivery, performance and reawakening of identity.


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We are a hub and refuge for marginalized and vulnerable creatives, to young people who are denied opportunities and harangued by society. We are committed to using art as a means to fight injustice, and provide people whose voices have not been heard a chance to echo around the world. We are Open Arts, we are an open space for oddities. 

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