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Using creative arts to enhance peace and stability in Northern Nigeria.

Tackling the challenge of violent extremism requires a comprehensive, whole-of-society approach grounded in supporting local actors and communities to address the effects of violent extremism and its root causes. Creative artists and cultural practitioners can and must play a vital role in this process. Cultural aspects intersect in several ways with this understanding of conflict – they may be used to undermine security and stability, but they can also provide early warnings of conflict, serve as a coping mechanism and foster cohesion.



  • To strengthen the capacity of cultural and creative arts stakeholders to implement initiatives within their craft to counter violent extremism.
  • Facilitating arts interventions that foster resilience and empathy, or which give visibility to victims and groups at risk;
  • Providing support to initiatives in the cultural and creative industries, through the provision of capacity building, networking opportunities and other support 


  • Using music and poetry to garner community support against banditry, kidnapping, violent extremism, and terrorism.
  • Using music and poetry to Support governments’ efforts in combating these issues.
  • Using music and poetry to bring out clear contradictions from the activities of the bandits, terrorists, and or extremists.


Samuel Aruwan

Commissioner, Kaduna State Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs.


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